Driver/Operators (DOs)

OnRequest LLC (ONR) seeks Driver/Operator candidates for their new primary care mobile clinic initiative.

Role: ONR Driver/Operator (ONR-DO-L502)

Type: Part-Time, Full-Time

Description: ONR Driver/Operators (DOs) are the on-vehicle and on-site coordinators of ONR primary care experience, monitoring and managing the safety and wellbeing of practitioners, their processes, and the onboard systems of our mobile clinics when they are providing care for patients and facilities. DOs are the ‘eyes, ears, and voice’ between the skilled healthcare practitioners on board our mobile clinics, our service partners, and the ONR Operations team (OPS). Each day brings new operational assignments, logistics, choices, and challenges, and DOs are responsible for bringing the ONR mobile clinic experience to patients, healthcare partners, and communities safely, promptly, and professionally.

DOs will take direct action and accountability each day to support the delivery of the ONR primary care experience, consisting of the following areas:

  • Driving the ONR Mobile Clinic - The ONR Mobile Clinic is a clean, safe, comfortable exam room housed within our 14’ vehicle platform. DOs will drive, park, operate, and monitor the vehicle and its systems at all times, abiding by all local, state, and federal laws pertaining to operation of a motor vehicle. In some cases, DOs will drive with other practitioners in the vehicle.
  • Managing & Monitoring Vehicle Systems - Interior and exterior features/systems of the mobile clinic are used to support patients during the clinical visit. DOs will enforce proper use, safety, storage, and control of ONR equipment and vehicle functions. DOs will operate the ONR mobile clinic with established safety protocols and processes set forth by ONR as well as state and local regulations.
  • Assisting with Patient Movement - During ONR visits, patients will enter the vehicle for their clinical visit (unless otherwise indicated). Some patients will require assistance in entering the vehicle via the side step or rear-mounted wheelchair lift. DOs will serve as assistants within 200 feet of the vehicle to ensure the safety of patients and practitioners entering and exiting the mobile clinic.
  • Supporting Practitioner Activity - Onboard the ONR Mobile Clinic, healthcare practitioners will perform a variety of tasks and processes throughout any given day. DOs will assist (when instructed by the practitioner) in operating select vehicle functions or capabilities based on the needs of the patient. (I.e. control interior temperature, open side awning for shade, etc.)
  • Communicating with ONR OPS Team - During vehicle operation, DOs will maintain consistent contact with ONR OPS Team through internal dispatch systems, telecommunications, and direct voice/text prompts. 
  • Coordination of On-Site Logistics - ONR will partner with multiple organizations, facilities, and individuals and employ several ‘operational modes’ for care of patients. DOs will coordinate with on-site contacts to ensure effective care is possible and that patient and practitioner are set up for successful visits.

We want you to join the ONR Team. Here are some of the characteristics of candidates we’re looking for:

    • Energy, confidence, and consistency 
    • Professionalism, organization, and an entrepreneurial attitude 
    • Excellent communicator and conversationalist
    • Competence using technology (cloud software, video conferencing, etc.)
    • Local community familiarity
    • Flexibility, adaptability, service-minded 
    • Desire to significantly improve the lives of others
    • Previous driving experiences encouraged (CDL Owner/Operator, EMT, First Responder, Law Enforcement)

DO Requirements:

    • Valid US Driver’s License
    • Full Background Check, substance test
    • Safe Driving Record/Report
    • First Aid / CPR Training & Certification
    • Driver Safety Training and Exam 
    • Situational Awareness Exam
    • Vehicle Operations Exam
    • HIPAA Compliance Waiver
    • PPE / Social Safety Protocols
    • Ongoing substance testing
    • Continuous training and reporting 

DO Compensation and Benefits:

    • Full-time, salary position
    • Flexible scheduling
    • ONR+ Family Membership
    • Health & Wellness Allowance
    • Ongoing Professional Development

For more information and to begin your application, email